Perfect your freelancer profile

As we detailed in our previous blog, your Pay Per Project profile is your advert. It’s crucial to build the strongest presentation of yourself. Having offered some general tips, we’re now getting specific. We have designed the profile builder to help freelancers showcase themselves, and buyers to find who they need. By making the most of our deliberate sections and capabilities, you can ensure that you’re on the radar of the right buyers. 

State your skills

Pay Per Project has a list of skills to help buyers understand what you offer. We use these to connect you with relevant projects. Select all the skills which you can sell, and buyers can get a handle on your strengths at a glance. As projects are added to the site, take time to look at how buyers label them. Are they using programmes rather than job titles? If so, mirror this in your profile tagging.

Face to a name

Some projects will be completed remote, others may require physical attendance. Whatever the delivery style, collaboration is about connection. It’s much easier to get a sense of someone when you can picture them, which is what your photo is all about! Look for a clear photo of your head and shoulders in work attire, whatever that means for you. Avoid distracting backgrounds, low light or heavy editing. Your profile picture should be what the buyer will see when you walk into your first meeting.

Sing your own praises

Be honest, of course, but use your profile to declare your own successes. Use the ‘position/title’ section to describe your previous or current roles. This will help buyers understand your level, experience, and how you might fit into their project structure or business. This is the equivalent of a CV highlights page.

Perfect your portfolio

Pay Per Project has been designed to help showcase not only the skills, but the past successes of freelancers. Upload pictures, files, and/or a link to your portfolio. This could be your own website, or hosted somewhere such as Behance. Sharing examples of your work gives your profile credibility, and also allows buyers more of a sense of your particular style and strengths. Showcase your expertise, demonstrate your previous triumphs and attract buyer attention!

Claim your certifications

Upload your full CV, in the format that best suits your work and profession. Be clear about your work and education history. Pay Per Project also facilitates the uploads of proof of achievements. Certificates for degrees, professional qualifications and any certified exams can be added to your profile here. Buyers will be reassured to see evidence of achievements. Our team are always here to support freelancers and buyers, so should you need any help with the profile building process please contact us.

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