Freelancing: the working world of the future

COVID-19 has changed our experience of, and approach to, most things in life. Some of those adjustments may only be temporary, but a broader approach to how we work is sure to stick around. The pandemic has given worldwide rise to working from home, flexible hours and freelancing. As a buyer-freelancer matchmaker we’re especially interested in that last trend.

Freelancers operate in almost all industries. As a term, it refers to lone wolves who offer services on a project basis, rather than as permanent employees of a company. Anyone invoicing for skills offered on a fixed term basis is probably a freelancer.

On Pay Per Project we list freelancers across a multitude of disciplines. We host profiles of consultants, designers, marketing specialists, Microsoft experts, animators, writers, translators, programmers, editors, fitness coaches, tutors, make-up artists and many more. These individuals match themselves to projects advertised by buyers, and bid/ apply for work. They complete this work on a contract basis, without becoming permanent employees of the companies they work for.

Many people have lost some, or all, of their working hours because of the economic impact the pandemic continues to have. Many of them have skills which could be matched to buyers offering work on Pay Per Project. We offer a platform to use those skills to create an income, or supplement existing earnings.

All freelancers are responsible for ensuring that they are legally capable of offering their services. For those currently in employment, there may be exclusivity clauses in their contracts, so these must be carefully checked. It may be that you have a hobby or skill outside your working responsibilities, however. Are you a sales team member with a flair for GIF animation? Turn that hobby into a second income stream!

Pay Per Project isn’t just for individual freelancers to find work, however. We also have buyers listing projects which would be suitable for small businesses to complete on a consulting basis. The work on offer is broad and varies, so it’s well worth building a profile and bidding on projects which you can complete in house for bigger companies.

Whether you’re a budding French tutor who is unemployed, or a skilled wordsmith who is currently working reduced hours in childcare, Pay Per Project has work for all kinds of people. It’s flexible and accountable, taking much of the stress and uncertainty out of freelancing but maintaining your control as an individual over what work you pitch for.

If you’ve any questions about freelancing through Pay Per Project, please refer to our FAQs or contact the team. We look forward to helping you into the future of work!

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